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Current Position

Software Engineer at Valador Inc.

NASA Contractor. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

I work on the agency-level data analytics team within NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Technology and Innovation division. I consult and build prototypes for internal NASA customers in finance, human resources, facilities, space technology, and other domains. My projects leverage modern data science, data visualization, and machine-learning approaches to solve client problems. My work day can include writing JavaScript code for interactive data visualizations on the web using d3.js,  engineering data flow using PostgreSQL databases and a flask microservice on a cloud server, teaching interns about JQuery, or doing data analytics with python inside of a jupyter notebook.

Job Title

I use different job titles at work. I use software engineer on my email signature as that’s a term everyone at NASA knows. Also, it distinguishes me from IT support as someone who builds things. My boss describes me to others as a data scientist as that’s often what we do. As a fun way to further answer the software engineer or data scientist question, I created a machine-learning model to split data scientist from software engineer, specifically an Extra trees classifier . It is based on  job descriptions and a list of 800 skills, extracts a vector of IT skills from a given resume, and predicts whether you’re more likely a software engineer or data scientist. For the record, it identifies me as a data scientist. It is just a silly toy model, but you can find it on my github profile along with a bunch of other small side projects.


Data Science, Data Visualization, and Web Developer Resume

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Geology Resume

GIS Resume


Recent Talks

Houston Data Visualization Meetup 2017 – “Getting Your Data Visualizations Online

Rice Data Science Conference 2017 – “Practical Considerations for Data Science Consulting and Innovation in a Large Organization

Johnson Space Center Data Science Day 2017 – “The Changing Landscape of Data Visualization Tools Over the Last 40 Years


Community Involvement

Houston Data Visualization Meetup – co-lead

Gulf Coast Section of SEPM (sedimentology geology) – social media manager


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