About me

I am a software engineer on the agency data analytics team within NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Technology and Innovation division. I consult and build prototypes for internal NASA customers in finance, human resources, facilities, space technology, and other domains. My projects leverage modern data science, data visualization, and machine-learning approaches to solve client problems.

As part of my role is helping to manage a coworking space at the NASA Johnson Space Center, I also work in internet connected devices (IoT), 3D printing, and teaching web development to our interns.

I co-organize the Houston Data Visualization Meetup, helped re-start Houston NASA Space-Apps hackathon with a lot of other really cool people, and often participate in geoscience hackathons run by AgileScientific, who do amazing stuff in the geoscience + code space.

I write mostly in Python and JavaScript with smaller amounts of R, PHP, sed/awk, and Java.

I use side projects to continuously expand my skill set.

Projects within the last year

Working on now or in the last couple months

  • Improving my system admin skills.
  • Deepening my React.js skills.
  • Learning Java.
  • Becoming better at using Docker.
  • Building an application that can take any google forms results csv, pick the right charts, and create a data visualization in which interacting with the chart of results for any question filters the charts for every other question.
  • Building a “where science happens in Houston” map that leverages web-scraping and machine-learning.
  • Helped build map applications to assist spreading and collection accurate information about shelters and flooding post Hurricane Harvey in collaboration with a large number of other volunteers organized through SketchCity, a civic tech organization.
  • Participating in a geoscience hackathon run by AgileScientific before the annual Society of Exploration Geophysicists Conference in Houston. Built a machine-learning model to mimic geologists stratigraphic picks of the top of the McMurry Formation in Canada.


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