About Me

Much of my previous GIS work was in the oil industry and therefore proprietary products I can only talk about in approximate terms. While in oil and gas, I used ArcGIS to make maps that stayed on individual computers and servers. Over the last couple years, I’ve switched to using open-source tools to build web-based maps using tools like GeoPandas, Altair, cartoDB, d3.js, mapbox.js, and leaflet.js. Within the last year, all my map projects have been side projects associated with Sketch City or Houston Data Visualization Meetup. Often, I use open-data from civic sources like the City of Houston Open Data Portal.

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ESRI Certification

ESRI Certification – see this post about studying for the exam



A. L. Westyard’s perspective map of Houston in 1891. The Full map can be found at Library of Congress’s website.