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I just got back from Space City JS, a JavaScript conference in Houston, Texas. Ideally, I’d write an intelligent piece of prose after long reflection. My schedule doesn’t allow for that, so here are some bullet points.

  • The coffee was strong! and more than cream and sugar was provided if you wanted to get fancy. Katz coffee sponsored. They also sponsor the Buffalo Bayou Regatta every year.
  • This was only the second year of the conference. The number of people participating was mentioned as evidence of the small but growing Houston tech scene.
  • As compared to a scientific conference where talks are super specific, the pattern was for talks to be accessible by those with moderate amounts of topic-specific knowledge. The goal was less description and more inspiration and demonstration.
  • One thing JavaScript certainly has going for it over the other languages is an active community of people in Houston who are willing to share their time and expertise with others.
  • Hearing about new tools and libraries that experienced people find useful and think will grow in the future is useful knowledge for someone, like myself, making decisions about what things to learn.
  • You leave with nice looking stickers & t-shirts.
  • The conference was sponsored by 4 local breweries, which seemed excessive for a small conference, but can you ever have too many breweries sponsoring your event?
  • There were just the right number of interesting talks. The subjects included connecting APIs, databases specifically built for real-time applications, using Node.js at NASA to overcome data silos, and contributing to open-source both from the contributor perspective and the project originator perspective.
  • Brisket for lunch! Truly, there’s no point in having a conference in Texas if you don’t serve tacos or brisket.
post-it note of Space City JS version of NASA logo

A copyright infringing merger of Space City JS (S.C.J.S.) and the NASA logo made with Post-it notes.


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