Predicted (blue) vs. true depth (red) of the top McMurray pick.

Using Machine-learning to Extend Stratigraphic Surfaces

[BLOG POST COMING SOON]This weekend I finally got to do a hackathon project I’ve been wanting to try for more than two years. It leverages machine-learning to mimic human-created stratigraphic picks. It uses a dataset of 2000 wells with picks from the Alberta Energy Regulator, which is one of the only public datasets I’m aware[…]


What do I get out of conferences?

Four conferences, two hackathons, and a lot of meet-ups: Analyzing what I’ve gotten from technical gatherings outside of work this year  Part 1 –  The PremiseOver the last year, I’ve been lucky to attend more than my usual number of conferences, meetups, and hackathons. Some of the events were paid by work, some were paid[…]

zoomed in screenshot of map of places Justin Gosses has done geology.

CartoDB & Online Mapping

Online Mapping:Recently, I’ve been improving my skills in both GIS, web development, and programming. As such, exploring online mapping services and methods, like leaflet, Mapbox and CartoDB, was on the “to do” list. Both CartoDB and Mapbox are sites that allow you to build maps on their webpage and then embed the maps in your webpage. Leaflet[…]