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Current Position

Senior Data Scientist at SAIC Inc.

NASA Contractor. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

I work as a NASA contractor, supporting NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Transformation & Data division in two roles.

(1.)  As Principal Data Scientist data analytics team, I work on projects that leverage modern data science, data visualization, and machine-learning approaches to solve client problems and help speed adoption of the latest tools. Lately, I’ve been focused on enterprise level processes and tooling for data warehousing, data analytics, data catalogs, and metadata standards. Previously, the role was focused on providing advise, consulting, and prototypes for internal NASA customers in finance, human resources, facilities, space technology, and other domains. I’ve done machine-learning projects in NLP (natural language processing), automated speech recognition, image recognition, as well as with tabular data in different forms.

(2.) I am also the technical program manager for Open-Innovation program, responsible for sharing NASA’s open data and open source code through the public facing websites,,, as well as the programs and infrastructure to support internal-facing inner source activities.

My work day can include leading daily stand-up meetings, writing interactive data visualizations using d3.js or Tableau; engineering data services using PostgreSQL databases and a flask microservice on a cloud server; teaching interns JavaScript; writing instructions for open source code developers, helping team interpreting how their needs fit within NASA’s internal policies and regulations, advising a team on machine-learning tool choices, aligning views across IT, engineering, and legal; or writing a Dockerized speech-to-text application for keyword tagging of spacewalk training videos.

Recent Talks

AGU 2019, Poster Presentation – “Reusing Data and Metadata to Create New Metadata through Machine-learning & Other Programmatic Methods

Remote talk SpaceApps Lilv, Ukraine 2019 – “A Tour of NASA’s Data Universe for a SpaceApps Audience

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Conference & Exhibit 2019 – “A Supervised Machine-Learning Approach to Stratigraphic Surface Picking in Well Logs from the Mannville Group of Alberta, Canada

Houston Data Visualization Meetup 2017 – “Getting Your Data Visualizations Online

Rice Data Science Conference 2017 – “Practical Considerations for Data Science Consulting and Innovation in a Large Organization

Johnson Space Center Data Science Day 2017 – “The Changing Landscape of Data Visualization Tools Over the Last 40 Years

Community Involvement

Houston Data Visualization Meetup – co-lead

Gulf Coast Section of SEPM (sedimentology geology) – social media manager




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