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About My Code Side-Projects

Side projects are a major way I add to my skills.

In addition to the ones below that are mostly done, There's also this repository with side projects that are partially done or just ideas. There's also visual examples of a few of the completed side projects in the gallery page.

Putting them in a list is a bit of a self-hack to limit the sprawl and push things to completion. It serves as a good reminder what isn't completely done and helps to prioritize.

What types of code do I write?

I write machine-learning, data visualization, and web development code. Mostly, I write in Python or JavaScript with smaller amounts of Ruby, R, PHP, sed/awk, C++, and Java. A lot of my side projects are in JavaScript as it is the easiest for me to jump into and quickly produce something with an easy to share visual.

Previous Side-Projects

Side-Projects over the last couple months

  • Was recognized as a “Featured Creator” on, a website / tool for data visualization.
  • Wrote this Medium post about an in progress side project to create an easily forkable repository template that visualizes the de-facto community of related code & developers that is sometimes described by Awesome lists.
  • Finally attempted to organize my side projects a bit with a README that splits out what is active, stalled, or just in idea phase.
  • Wrote a little draft Observable notebook that takes your location and uses text-to-speech web API and a geology API called Macrosoft to tell you verbally about the geology of the rocks where you are. This was prompted by a tweet by DynamicWebPaige wanting an audio book about local geology she could use on a train and a previous Observable notebook by Ananya Roy.
  • Redoing my website. I've been using a WordPress based site for 6 year and trying to recreate it in Next.js & tailwind.css with deployment to Azure Static Web Apps.