About Me

Much of my previous job related GIS work was in the oil industry and therefore proprietary products I can only talk about in approximate terms. While in oil and gas, I used ArcGIS to make maps that stayed on individual computers and servers. Over the last couple years, I’ve switched to using open-source tools to build web-based maps using tools like GeoPandas, Altair, cartoDB, d3.js, mapbox.js, and leaflet.js. A lot of my map projects have been side projects associated with Sketch City or Houston Data Visualization Meetup. Often, I use open-data from civic sources like the City of Houston Open Data Portal.

Some of the side projects that have included map elements are:

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ESRI Certification

ESRI Certification – see this post about studying for the exam


A. L. Westyard’s perspective map of Houston in 1891. The Full map can be found at Library of Congress’s website.